Friday, August 5, 2011

Run and swim

So after 5 hours of sleep last night I felt really tired the whole day.
Mental note to myself: do not eat brownies before going to bed:)

But training must go on.
Run was very uneventful. 1.5mile warm/up (go me!), 3x5x400 @ 1:28-1:30 w/ 1min rest, 3min btw set, 800m c/d. Total 5.75 miles! yeah, I am getting there.
400 at 5k pace are easy. Although not as easy as one would think. It is strange because running 400s at this pace does not feel any easier than running 1200s at this pace. Maybe because of only 1 min rest. Whatever, I am sure I am not making any sense anyway. Although last 2 intervals were kind of hard. I think that 4 hard days in a row (Tue- track, Wed- bike and track, Th-bike TT, today-track) have caught up with my legs on those last 2 400s.

Then went to the pool. Wow, it was a challenging workout but I felt much better than on Wednesday. Some pretty fast stuff. But I made it! I stayed strong til the end and did not back down. I still cannot feel my arms but it is all good:)

I am going to catch up on sleep now so I am ready to rock n' roll tomorrow (hopefully on my new bike)!

By the way, everyone says that TT was 13.1 miles. So I am officially fast since I did 23+ average:)


  1. Awesome! YES! Officially FAST. Nice! Wait til you get your new bike!! Watch OUT.

  2. Nice workouts :) Can't wait to post your guest post tomorrow!