Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to work

So, I did not do anything yesterday. Took a day off. Just ate and watched a movie. And since I had a lot of free time on my hands I did also something pretty stupid that involved the fast guy and probably cost me a marriage. Oh well. Need to find a different victim.

My legs are still little sore but nothing like they were in May after the triathlon. This time around it is only my quads right above knees. Weird. It is probably TT bike magic.

ITB feels good, no feelable irritation. But I decided to play it super safe and did not run today. Will run tomorrow.

I biked today. Just very easy sightseeing pace 45min. At first I was little blah and did not want to do it but then went out and I am glad I did because I really liked it.

And then pool. I know that my swim on Sunday should not be considered as hard effort (because it really was not) but doing intervals today might have been little overestimation of my ability. My arms were tired. I can tell immediately whether I am tired or now by the way I enter water with my hands. When it is nice and smooth, I am ok. When it is not, my arms are too tired and I struggle to keep a good form. I worked like crazy and still missed all my 100 yard intervals by 3-5sec.
But today was more about strength and I paid a lot of attention to that. I felt I was pulling water with my whole forearm and that's very good.

I have been thinking why I suck so much at swimming. Or why I sucked so much at it on Sunday in particular. Of course, there are many many reasons for that but one reason is that I have never told myself that I was going to make it hurt. I was not preparing myself to push it and work hard. I just kind of assumed that I will swim and have a decent time without hurt. Well, it does not work that way. I was ready to push on a bike and run, but never thought about doing the same thing on my swim.
So, I am thinking that I might do one more tri in mid-Sept and if I do it, I am going to kill myself on a swim and then hang on for the rest.


  1. Had to say congrats on your blog, too. SR and I have been talking a lot about how impressive your performance was - and only a second triathlon! You are FAST!

    I would NOT be down on yourself about the swim. First, it IS as fast time. More importantly it was an improvement over your last tri, so you are obviously doing something right!

  2. Thanks a lot!
    Yes, it is an improvement and that's important. But I know I can go faster, I am just not able to do it! And that's frustrating.

  3. Hey, a little late here but wanted to congratulate you on your AWESOME race! You know, I think both of us swim better in the pool than in OW. For me, I also swim better without a wetsuit (or my suit sucks). In any case, hang in there, do another tri and you will keep seeing improvements.

  4. Good for you taking the day off :) I'm so impressed with your swimming workouts, I definitely wouldn't say you suck :)

  5. Thanks AM! I swim much better in pool because I can pace myself with clock. Whereas in OW I cannot do that and I just do not know how to push myself if I do not know what pace I am going. I am very bad at perceived effort stuff. It will come with training I am sure.

    Thanks Keri! If you were a swimmer you probably would not be impressed with my swimming:)) Because, really, there is nothing to be impressed abuot.