Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I feel GOOD

I do not know whether it is taper or that I am finally getting enough sleep, but I had great workouts today.
Ok, the truth is that all of my bike and run workouts are great but today was also good day for swim workout.

I was thinking about doing bike in the morning but then I have decided that getting 1h more of sleep would do me more good than doing bike and swim back to back.
So did bike in the afternoon. Some tempo intervals, but pretty short. I love intervals. I love running intervals, and I love biking intervals. Let's not get into my love for swimming intervals though:)

And then swim. I was not able to swim last Tuesday because of totally crowded pool and now I am going to be brutally honest and say that I was kind of hoping that it will happen again today. But no such luck. I still had to share a lane with one more person but at least it was not 5 other people like last week.
Ok, I know that it is a terrible thing to admit, therefore let me explain. I just did not want to have another crappy workout to undermine my swimming confidence even further since I have a race on Sunday. But Michelle is a good coach and I think that she gave me a pretty easy workout just to boost my confidence a bit. And I think that it is working. I had a good swim and I am more confident for Sunday.
I am giving myself little bit of a credit for not bagging it all together and going to the pool. Although I know that my attitude is still pretty bad therefore I really shuold not be proud of myself.

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