Friday, August 12, 2011

I will do whatever it takes

Wow, I do not remember the last time I did trully speedy running workout. High school maybe:)
Ok, I did kind of speedy 200m workout in Oct (200s at 37-38sec) but today I did 200s @ 36sec.
4k w/up, 10x200m @ 36-38 w/ 2min rest, 2k c/d. 5.125 miles total.
I did them all in 36ec except for the first one (37) and 5th and 9th (35ish). It was pain, but different kind of painful. It was just hard to keep my legs turning. I have zero turnover speed in my legs! Zero. So I had to stay concentrated and keep reminding myself to turn turn turn fast.
By the way, my legs are fried. They have been fried for past two weeks with all that running and biking. I can still nail my workouts but I feel the tirendness in quadriceps on every single little uphill during my commute to and from work. I kind of like it though:)

Now let's talk swimming. My swimming is pathetic. I have been swimming since December and although I definitelly see some improvement I do not think that it is enough. I can see the improvement mostly in my strength. Today I did some intervals with bands and before I used to drag my feel at the bottow within 25yards but today I was able to stay strong and fast the whole 50 yards and my feet did not even got close to the pool floor. So that's a huge improvement.
But I want to see improvement in my times!!! Desperately! Ok, I know that I am not the most patient person out there and that sometimes I am little inreasonable but still, I want to see real improvement. I will do whatever it takes. Anything (well, except for sacrifise my biking and running:)) .
I have read that more you swim, faster you become. I know that some fast people swim even 10 days in a row and that makes them fast.
Once I am done with the Oly tri next weekend, I am willing to kill myself in a pool. I can go there every day (well, when it is open because with this messed up schedule I cannot even get my regular swims in). I can use cords. Anything!!!

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  1. I have NO DOUBT that you will become a kick a$$ fast swimmer! I can't wait for you to crush it at your olympic. Watch out, Eastern European talent ahead:)