Saturday, August 27, 2011

Race goals

If this is not going to teach me to run on tired legs, then nothing is. I did my track workout. I was pretty tired after that bike ride. That ride was harder than it seems.

2mile w/up, 8x600m @ 5k pace w/90sec rest, 1mile c/d. I thought that it was going to be haaaaard because 8 of them. Warm up felt little sluggish and tiring. But then I ran the first one and I realized that I am supposed to run whole 5k at that pace and therefore 600s at that pace should feel easy. And it did actually. 2:12, 2:11, 2:12, 2:09, 2:10, 2:09, 2:10, 2:09.
The last 200m of the last 2 felt harder and I definitely started to feel tiredness, especially in quadriceps.
Then I did some exercices that I started to do hoping to help me stay injury free. And now I am really tired and ready for bed.

And ITB update. It does not hurt but I have been feeling pressure and little discomfort ever since Sunday but that was expectable. I have been icing multiple times a day, but need to get better about rolling. It does not hurt when I run at all, which is good.

Ok, now onto race goals for tomorrow. 5k OW swim. Goal numero uno: do not drown:)
I really would like to swim in around 1:30 but that would require me to swim at faster pace than I did on Sunday. Which might be little over-ambitious. Just a little:) I hope to find some feet and draft. I will try to work really hard!!!!

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