Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I still hurt

So it seams that both Michelle and PPC think that I was just playing around on Sunday and did not do any serious racing because what they make me do this week is...hard.

Yesterday it was a swim workout and today a running workout.
It was one of the hardest running workout I have done this year (ok, I did not do that many but still).
My legs definitelly do not have the "spring" yet.
I did 1mile w/up, 3miles tempo at 6:40 pace and 1mile c/d.
Already warm up was just sluggish and dragging and I knew that this is going to be hard. And it was. 6:40ish pace on Sunday felt way easier than today. Really. And on Sunday I did 6 miles, whereas today only 3. But it is good, it should help me to learn to run on tired legs. Although I think that I am going to be sore tomorrow.
6:41, 6:38, 6:33.
And cool down..I thought that I would have to walk. But I did not because I was already late for a dinner I was invited to so I had to keep running:(

And you know how my swim is pretty pathetic? But it does not prevent me from trying and have signed up for a 5k OW swimming race on Sunday.
I do not like doing races for "fun" because it does not make a sense to be to spend money on something I can do for free, but a friend begged me to it with him and I just do not know how to say no to people.
So I am probably going to die on Sunday. We will see.

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