Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Got my a$$ kicked big time today

It was bound to happen.

But I called it upon myself. My plan called for 2mile w/up, 4x1 mile (200m at 42-44, 200 at 48-50), 1mile c/d.

Ok, so I thought, this is going to be so easy. 48-50, phew, piece of cake. I will do 1min rest between them.
Other than that I have not thought about this workout a lot. I made a deal with myself not to overanalyse workouts beforehand because then I freak out and I really do not need that. But I usually start thinking about it during my warm up and then I either start freaking out or calm myself down.

As I was warming up I started to calculate. 42 and 48, the average is 45. There I realized that this is not going to be as easy as I thought.
My "pretended" 10k pace is 46-47 and this was supposed to be faster. Plus, I thought that I was supposed to go "slow" 200 at 46-48, not 48-50. Which just added to the whole mess.

But I was like, you know what, let's give this 1min rest a try. Or I can take 2min after the second one and then again 1min btw 3rd and 4th.
1st: 5:58 Hm, it was not too bad but definitelly not as easy as going my usual 10k pace. Changing paces is hard. I was holding 42 and 46.
2nd: 5:56 This is not that bad. Let's forget about 2min rest and let's see what I can do. Whether I can pull this off.
3rd: 5:58 This is getting harder. Also my fast 200 were getting slower and my slow 200 faster, they were somehow converging into an even pace like 43-44 and 45-46. It was getting harder to change paces. But it was not too bad.

However, after I finished I knew there is no way I can do the 4th one with just 1min rest. So I decided to take 2. But as I was nearing 2, I decided to take 3...
4th: First 200 was not too bad, in 42 and then I died 15meter later:) Really, there was no way I was going to do it. Maybe if I could keep a stable pace, maybe I would be able to pull off something decent (like sub6:30 at that point) but there was no way I was going to be able to change paces.
So I decided to call it a day and cooled down 2miles instead of 1.

Those 3 were not too bad actually. I felt good. Maybe, just maybe if I did stable pace, maybe I would have been able to do 4. Or 3 and a half. And maybe if I kept my slow pace at 48-50 and not at 46. But there is a lot of maybes, isn't there? :)

I am pleased that I was able to do 3. But I know that this was not the best executed workout. But I had to try it with 1min rest! Now I know that I am not there yet.

I am actually little freaked out now. I have 6 weeks till my 5k race. ONLY 6 weeks! And I am little freaked out that I will not be able to go at my dream pace. Because if I cannot do 4 miles at my dream pace with 1min rest, how am I going to do 3 without rest??? I am probably little overambitious here.

Then I went swimming. But first I got a flat tire on my way there. I hit a huge pothole and was thinking wow, I am surprised I did not get flat. However, 50m later...flat. Thankfully I had my repair kit with me so changed and went to pool. I got there later than planned and thus did not have enough time to do the whole workout but it was not a problem because I could not do the workout anyway.
They had only 1 lane open!!! Drives me nuts. And there were 3 people there (2 small kids and one teenager. But they were at least somehow swimming and not playing like people usually do in lanes for lap swimming...). Still decided to get at least some yards in. So I swam easily for 35min concentrating on my technique. Some pulling, some paddle work, some swimming but all easy because it was impossible to try anything faster.
My right shoulder hurt a little and my biceps were still not recovered from 5k swim on Tuesday:(

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