Wednesday, August 17, 2011


How good I felt yesterday, so sluggish and tired I felt today.
Seriously, my run was one huge "slug walk".

3k w/up, 2x1mile @ 10k pace with 1min rest, 2k c/d. Warm up was slooow, I had zero spring in my legs. I still hit 6:13 and 6:13 for intervals and it was not even that hard but I did not have enough energy today.

On top of things, something happened to my commuter bike's tire yesterday, it lost air and I over-pumped it today and the tire burst when I was riding from track to the pool. So I had to walk by the bike. Which meant that I only had around 35min for my swim workout.
I did as much as I could until they kicked me out.
But I again had a pretty good swim. It better continues until Sunday!!!

Off to bed now.


  1. It's taper, you are supposed to feel a big sluggish. And a 35 min swim during taper is fine! Keep your confidence are going to kill your race!

  2. Oh, well, somewhere between 6:11 and 6:16...And least that's PPC prediction. But she is really good at predicting my race times.
    Although it does sound like an overkill, doesn't it?
    We will probably never know because there is no plan in racing 10k any time soon:)