Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I was thrilled about taking my new bike for a ride outside this morning but when I heard a thunder few minutes before I was supposed to get up I knew that it was not going to happen.

Not that I care about weather. But riding a new bike in pouring rain in dark at 6am while trying to hit 165+ HR...Not a good idea. So trainer it was. But it was a good workout. When I was done I looked as if I have been swimming. Disgusting.

I have a car today because I am flying to St Loius tomorrow for job interview and I need to get to the airport somehow. Thus I decided to put it into a good use and go grocery shopping! I should be good for few weeks again.

Then I went swimming but unfortunately, I just sat there hoping a lane opens up but after 15min I knew that it was not going to happen because there were 4-5 people in each lane. They were not really swimming, most of them were kids playing. Grrrr!
So I decided not to wait any longer and continue my shopping spree. Good idea because I found my favorite frozen pizza and bought bunch of them. Not very good but they also had donuts on sale and it took some serious self-discipline not to buy any. So at least something:)

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  1. Ha! Good call skipping the donuts. We are eating broccoli salad and beets and carrots and zucchini for dinner. My poor family- having to put up with my cooking which at the moment entails only steaming vegetables.
    Good luck in your interview tomorrow!!