Saturday, August 27, 2011

You are not a real cyclist until you...

...kill a squirrel and wipe out (not squirrel related).

I did a 3h ride (well, ok, it was 3h40min because there is no good road to do decent workout so I had to go to the park and...well, you know the story)
I kept my HR at 145-155, I did my best to keep it at 150, with ocassional variation in high 130s or high 150s but not too often. It seems that I am getting better at this aerobic stuff because I averaged over 20mph for 2h with that HR. Not too bad for me.
And as I was cruising along in my aerobars at 21mph suddenly this little animal freaks out and decides to cross the road. Well, too bad. No time to react, so I ran over it with my front wheel. Poor thing. I am not sure whether it was a squirrel though but it looked like it. One of those huge black squirrels. Or maybe it was a bunny. I was glad it did not run into my spikes, that would have been bad. I wanted to examine it on my next loop but someone removed it from the road and threw it in the grass.

And then on my way home I have decided to try a different route. Because I usully take the same road but that one is really bad and I have to use sidewalk and I am sick of that. And they recently repaved one of the main roads and although I knew there is zero shoulder there I decided to give it a try. It was impossible to ride there before repavement works but now it is awesome. The only downside is that it is busy. But it was not too bad on Saturday late morning.
I wiped out on my way home. It was my first pedals-related wipe out. Not because I forgot, it was because I could not unclip! I was coming into intersection, light was red and cars were coming. And I could not unclip. So I was like, S%^$ I need to go down otherwise I ran into that intersection. So I went down. I uncliped, got up and pretended that it did not happen:) You know how it is when the screws on cleats get loose. It is very hard to unclip. I knew that they were loose because I had problems to unclip on Thursday as well but I forgot about it and I did not fasten them. Actually, give me a second, I am going to do it right now because then I forget again.

Done. They were really loose.

Now I am sitting on the floor with my feet up and I might watch a movie. And then track workout in the afternoon.


  1. Did you really kill the squirrel? Lol. I've never killed a squirrel. I'll have to go seek one out so I can become a real cyclist. But that will be tough b/c there are no squirrels in Hawaii. ;)

    Anyway, glad your crash was a minor one!

  2. Maybe it was bunny... I did not stop, just turned my head around to see whether I killed it. I wanted to examine it closely to see what it was, but on my next loop I saw it thrown out of the way in the grass and I did not want to stop. That would be little weird:)

    You can choose a different animal to become a real cyclist. It does not need to be a squirrle. You have bunnies there, don't you?