Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pulled over by police for the first time ever

And I was on my bike (riding to get to the pool).
Yes, for speeding.

No, just kidding. They stopped me to say hello to me. Apparently I am a well-know figure on a local crime scene. It seems that all local policemen know me because they see me biking all over the place (which is very rare occurance in this area)and I am on the top of their list called "Future victims of bike&car accidents". So they were eager to find out who I was and what I was up to.
Pretty funny:)

Then I had a mediocre swim. At first it was going well but the last fast interval did not go as planned. I was sure I was going to nail it and thus was little disappointed when I saw my time:( But as I mentioned before, my swim needs a lot of improvement.

It is very common among multi-sport athletes to concentrate on their strength(s) because then you do not have to deal with frustration and disappointed. You nail your workouts and you feel good about training and yourself.
And indeed, I love running and biking because I am decent at those two, whereas 70+% of the time I go to the pool I get frustrated and disappointed and I am dreading my next swims because I know that I will get frustrated again.
But the good thing is that it does not discourage me. I want to improve my swimming! I really really do. There is nothing I can do now to make me faster for next Sunday so I just have to make a peace with the fact that I will suck at swim portion. But I have no tris planned for the rest of the year (I wish I had though), so the game is on! I have whole fall and winter and spring to kill myself in the pool to make me consistenly fast(er) swimmer, no matter how much tears, frustration and pain it means. I just need to become more confident about my swimming before next August. If I continue being this inconsistent and slow in the late stages of my IM training, it is going to be a huge negative mental factor.

By the way, this weekend was pretty good. I caught up on sleep and the workouts were shorted than usual, which gave me some extra free time, which I loved.


  1. est tu serieuse? les police t'ont arreter pour dire hallo? quoi d'autre est ce qu'il t'ont dit? did they also give you pointers on safe riding or stress the importance of following all the same rules that apply to cars? ia m completely amazed and curious.

    regarding your "easy" run yesterday. first, wow... do i ever miss that feeling of going for an "easy" run and running 30+ seconds faster per mile than planned just b/c it felt so easy. such an awesome feeling! second, i think it is fine that you ran faster... your mileage is low (at least your running mileage, i realize you are doing mileage in two other sports) and you are only running 4 days per week, i think it is okay to let loose occasionally on your "long" run as long as you're not finishing on your knees.

  2. Funny how PPC starts in French and moves to English. I do that all the time with Romanian:)
    I think even your mediocre swims are better than mine:) And you are a running rockstar, no question!

  3. Yeah, as I was crossing a road they pulled into actual intersection to cross my path. I was thinking, what did I do?!? But they just told me that they see me biking all over the place and they were curious about me and now finally got a chance to stop me and say hello. They asked me where I lived, worked and where I was from. They did not give me any pointers, just told me that they were impressed that I use my bike this much and that roads here are really not the safest for bikers so to be carefull.

    Well, 7:30 pace is not that easy either. 8min pace is easy:) Yesterday I went loose because Michelle told me to do solid effort this time and it was actually a nice confidence booster because it really felt pretty good, not easy, but easier than I thought sub-7min pace would feel. And as you said, I do not do it all the time, and mileage is low so increased intensity does not hurt me since I have plenty days to recover.

  4. @AM: I think that PPC is just making sure that I do not forget French at all:) I should thank her for that. Although I watched 2 movies this weekend and both in French.

    Running rockstar...Thanks:) Feels good coming from you!

  5. Ah! You are a celebrity with the police! Sometimes i think they are just looking for excuses :)

  6. It is never a good thing to be a celebrity with the local police, is it? :)
    My friends told me that those policemen were probably single. Unfortunately, I could only wish I were that lucky.