Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wish me luck

I did 1h easy bike ride followed by 20min run and 5 strides.
Felt good, I feel ready for tomorrow.

I had to rent a car again to get to the race tomorrow:( But at least rental car branch manager likes me. He knows I don't have a car and ride my bike everywhere. I reserved the smallest cheapest economy class car they have. But he asked me whether I was racing this weekend (last time I rented a car from them was because of a race and he remembered that) and when I told him that yes, that I was doing a triathlon on Sunday he upgraded me to minivan for the same price as economy so I can fit my bike in. Nice, isn't it? Sometimes it pays off to be the local freak...

Then I went to BBQ with bunch of tri people, where everyone expressed their expectation from me, like 22mph bike average and 40min run. Yeah, right. But I will do my best:)

Off to bed, wish me luck!!!


  1. Just do it! Tons of good vibes from Cali!

  2. Good luck!! Have a SUPER race tomorrow! :)

  3. wishing you speed, endurance, focus and mental toughness.
    can't wait to hear.