Monday, August 1, 2011

Day offfffff

Days off are fun.
Although I have had a day off almost every week in past month or two, they were not planned days off. It was mostly because of pool mayhem or something else coming up. And those are not real just chilling days off since I am usually little guilty and nervous.

But today was a true day off.
Finally I had time to sort out few things, like go to Trader's Joe to get rice, go to bank to deposit a check that has sat on a kitchen counter for over a month, cook real food, buy (order) a watch and new swim suit.

Yes, I continue with my resolution to be a laser-like focused athlete from now on (until...who knows when, but at least for next 13 months) and I did not "pig out" on muffins. I still ate a lot but it was all healthy.

I have my running watch that I got on my 15th birthday. It is Timex Ironman watch and it was freaking expensive at the time when my parents bought it for me. I have had it for almost 12 years now and it still functions flawlessly. Although I must say that it looks little shabby:) But it is not about looks, is it?
The problem is that the battery was already changed twice thus I am sure it is not water-resistant anymore. And I want a watch I can take swimming with me. At first I was thinking about buying one of those 10 dollar watches from Target because I was told that they will survive swims. But then I decided that I should probably spend more money and get another good watch that will last at least 10 years. Thus I ordered another Timex Ironman and I am pretty excited to have it for my OW swims.

And since I have decided to race my Oly tri in 3 weeks (yeah, three weeks! I am little nervous. For my first tri I was just pumped, not nervous, confident that I was going to kill it. But it was my first, so no real pressure. Now there is a pressure that I need to go faster in my second one. Especially on a swim and run. I know in the back of my head that I am prepared but still...). Anyhow (I have never used that word before. They taught us use "anyway" but here people use "anyhow" so I have decided to try it:)). Anyhow, since I have decided to race my Oly tri in 3 weeks in a swim suit and just deal with stares I need a new swim suit in case my current one falls apart before that. I have ordered a little funky one, which would just add to stares:) That way I will be both cool and fast. So much for being modest:)

Other than that, nothing new.

I felt the legs to be little "heavy" from the weekend on my ride to work this morning but now they feel fine. Also my shoulders were tired. I did a lot of swimming in past 3 days thus it is normal I suppose.

I think that I am going to bed now since I can. I am usually still in the pool at this time thus I should profit from being able to go to bed early today!

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