Monday, August 29, 2011

Hard bike

This tri business is hard to manage time-wise.
And especially when one has two coaches and has to fit it all together in at least somehow reasonable order.
But I am getting better at it. Now I THINK at the beginning of a week and plan my workouts for the week. That way I do not end up having to do everything back-to-back on a weekend. Although that's what you do in tri, isn't it? Although it is still pain because of track and pool closures.

Anyway, this week is a down week, only 3 bikes, 4 swims, 4 runs. But still hard to fit because I have bike TT on Thursday and I want to do well so I do not want to trash myself on Wednesday. Although track is closed on Wed so I could not trash myself even if I wanted to.

I had a pretty hard ride today. Not long, but 20x 1min hard efforts w/ 1min easy. And it was really hard. My legs hurt. I liked it!
If only I would learn to like suffering for a longer period, not just for a few minutes. But that's what training is for!

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