Monday, August 15, 2011

Taper week is here

Taper week is here:
2h40min of swim,
2h40min of bike
2h run

+ race on Sunday.

Although I would still prefer something like 1h + 1h + 1h. That would be sweet:)

I was little confused today and did not know what to do because sometimes it is really hard to arrange things when you have two coaches. One said run today, the other rest.
Eventually, I have decided to make a compromise and listen to one today and then listen to another one on Saturday.
You probably have no idea what I am talking about do you?

Anyway, I did a track workout today. I was supposed to do 2k warm up, but I thought I was supposed to do 3k warm up and then when I got to the track I somehow calculated that 3k is 12.5 laps. And it hit me little after 10laps, that 7.5laps is correct. Ok, so I did 4.5k warm up instead of planned 2k. But I cut my cool down short then, 1k instead of 2k. So: 4.5k warm-up, 3k @ 10 km pace, 5 minutes rest, 5 X 400 m @ 5 km pace w/1min rest, 1k cool-down.
3k was right on spot. I started little slower because even 4.5k warm up is not enough to loosen me up. I need to start doing drills and strides again but I am still little worried about ITB. 3:56, 3:54, 3:51 for total 11:43 (because none of those those splits was x:xx.00, of course). It felt good, although I doubt I can hold that for 10k without more pain than I can bear involved.
400s were little too fast, probably because I was nicely warmed up. 1:25, 1:22, 1:23, 1:26, 1:25.

I stretched a lot afterwards because my hamstrings are super tight and sore. I wonder whether it is because of those intervals on a tri bike on Saturday. I think that the point of tri bike is that it forces you to use hamstrings instead of quads so that those are fresher for run. Or maybe I have it reversed. Do not know and am too lazy to look it up. I need to go to sleep.


  1. Tri bikes (if they are set up correctly) have you using quads more than hamstrings. :)

  2. Ok, in that case my hamstrings are probably sore from that run on Saturday:)