Thursday, August 11, 2011

Catching up

I have spent the whole day yesterday travelling just to have a 45min interview that seems was just a huge waste of time. Oh well....

So I did not do anything yesterday, because I left at 6am and got home at around 11pm.

But today I finally got to take my new bike on a road. It was pretty smooth! Loved it. I rode the bike for only around 1hour doing big gear intervals (w/up and c/d was on a mountain bike, don't ask) so I cannot really say whether I feel the difference. However, I can tell you that there is one difference I realized immediately as I hit breaks for the first time. I almost flew over my handelbars because this bike actually breaks not like my road bike:)
I think that this bike is bigger than my road bike. I should compare them side by side.
I think that I will like the bike once I make peace with the fact that it cost a small fortune.

Then did track workout- divided 800s. 2k warm-up, 6 X 800 (1st 400m @ 10 km pace 2nd, @ 3k pace) w/2min rest, 1.2k cool-down. 4.8miles total.
I do not like this workout because no matter how slow or fast you run the second 400m it always feels like an all-out sprint after that 1st 400. And I am not very good at executing this workout. My 1st 400 was getting progressively faster (1:33 t0 1:30) and my 2nd progressively slower (from 1:23 to 1:26).
It is not a hard workout, it is just difficult to switch gears for me.

Then I did couple core and overall balance exercises. I need to get better at doing those to stay injury free.

Ok, I feel sleep-deprived again after yesterday so I am hoping to get around 9hours tonight!

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