Friday, August 26, 2011

Bike,run, swim etc

I have been kind of slacking. It is very easy to become lazy after you have a few easy days. You know, one two easy workouts a day. I can get used to it :)
I biked yesterday. Over an hour of climbing up and down in an easy gear and keeping the HR as low as possible. I was working on becoming an efficient climber. Smooth full circle pedal strokes, relaxed shoulders, no upper body movement. I liked it. And on the way down I stayed in aerobars because I need to get used to riding in aero at high speeds for next August (I have zero fear. That will probably go away once I wipe out really badly). There are some nice rollers in Mt Tremblant and apparently one can reach over 40mph going down. But of course it will not be fun going up :)
Run and swim was on plan today. I wanted to do track workout but high school football and soccer season started last week and now my running schedule will get all messed up because the games schedule is the most chaotic thing I have ever seen. I will have to plan my workouts around it somehow every week. So today there was a football game so I did an easy run instead and will do intervals tomorrow. 35min @ 7:30 pace.
Then I had awesome swim! 100s at decent pace and then fartlek. Although my poor arms….
Then one girl asked me whether I was a competitive swimmer. Right, I wish! Ok, I guess that I am not that bad. Maybe I do not suck as much as I say I do, at least compared to most people. Maybe I am not too bad and maybe I am not too slow. It is just that I am not as fast as I WANT TO BE!!! Or better, as fast as I NEED to be! Because come on, it is impossible to be competitive if I swim 6-7min slower than other triathletes. In Oly distance.


  1. You are a MUCH better swimmer than you give yourself credit for. But I know what you mean...

  2. I can hardly picture YOU slacking! haha