Friday, August 27, 2010

WooHoo (is that a word?)

Today was a perfect day for running- sunny, warm, no humidity. Too bad I could not run:( Fridays are my elliptical days. So 60min on an elliptical it was.

But today I received a confirmation from school that my thesis proposal was accepted and one professor has agreed to supervise me! I am planing on doing a research on something related to the company I work for now and therefore I need to be in the company to get information and stuff. Which means I need to come back in January after my semester at UCLA is over. So now I only need to persuade people in the company to let me do it as another internship, which would be awesome. And sponsor me for visa to get back in. Or at least let me do it as an unpaid internship.
I need to do at least 3 months of an internship in the US after finishing at UCLA if I do not want to go back to France to take classes. It is either internship in the US or more classes in France. That's no brainer- I hate school! Wish me luck.

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