Monday, August 23, 2010

American culture and 6.2 easy miles

I managed to persuade myself to go to run this at the trail. It is not that I do not like running there but to run there I need to get there first. It is only 4.6 miles but a road to get there is horrible. I swear, there are more potholes than actual road surface, so I have to ride on a sidewalk. Sidewalk is not that bad but when it crosses roads it is horrible. It is not smooth at all, there are huge bumps and it takes me almost 30min to do those 4.6 lousy miles and all that jumping and stuff does not help my poor bike at all (but I am not getting a new one. It must last until I settle down after school).
Plus I am the only freak that rides a bike there to go running- I have never ever seen a bike in a bike rack there. But it makes me a bad-ass and I like it:)
Why people do not bike to get there? It is a strange culture. People ride their cars for a mile or so to get to a trail to run there or to bike there. And what about moving escalators to get to the gym??? I do not get it.
My colleague lives 2 blocks from this trail and she drives to the trail to go running. Why could not she walk or bike to the trail? Would not that be more efficient (since she does not run to compete but to stay in shape)?

Anyway, run was very nice and at the end I was glad I went there.

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