Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bike in a shower

They promised thunderstorms for the afternoon, I did not believe them and they were damn right!

Actually there was only one and it caught me about 43 miles into my bike ride on a limestony bike path.
It has not lasted for long, maybe 2 miles. Rain did not bother me that much (it is only water, well, acid water, but still water) and what that fine white limestone did to me and the legs, back, helmet, and the whole bike were all white and covered with limestony stuff. Horrible. It was on the cassette, between brakes and frames and all other unwanted places.

There was no way I could get rid of that stuff pouring water from a bottle. I needed a hose. But I did not have any. So I waited for sprinkles. But no sprinkles today...So I had no choice. Shower it was. It was not perfect but I can at least see the color of the bike now and I can shift gears without funny noises of rubbing metals against little stones.

Then the bike was in a condition to be dragged into living-room so I decided to finally put on new tires. These are much narrower and have smoother thread. It is not a road bike tire, it is a hybrid bike tire but it is supposed to be very fast and comparable to road bike tires. It should be perfect since I ride on roads and trails and regular road tire cannot handle roads (yes, it can handle trails but not Michigan roads!) I am still little worried about getting flat tires again now since it is narrower and these Michigan roads...(I have not enough info but people responsible for Michigan roads are so stupid. People say that it is very cold in winter in Michigan, so why do they build roads using those huge concrete blocks? They must know that water gets into cracks between those blocks and then freezes and causes huge potholes and bigger cracks!!! And then you cannot ride a road bike there unless you want to mess up the wheel frame. So stupid.)

Anyway, I did 57 miles today, then went to the pool to loosen up. I wanted to go to lift weights but I forgot:(

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