Saturday, August 28, 2010

I am stubborn and unteachable

Couple weeks ago I did that brick-like workout and I was soooo thirsty. I had water with me but it was not enough.
And I did the same thing today- I probably forgot how awful being thirsty is.
So today I did 50miles on bike followed by 5-mile run. I learnt at least that I get really hungry so I brought one slice of bread with tuna spread. But again I did not have enough water so by the time I was done with bike I had only few sips left. Horrible. And there are no water fountains around the football field where I went to run. I think I am turning to the American and getting spoiled. But I finished the run somehow- more like dragging than running and it was that bad.
Next time I swear I am stopping at my place first before heading out for a run.

But I think that these workout are good for me for the future when I decide to finally do a triathlon.

I am heading to the pool to loosen up.

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