Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Floods at home and pushing through pain

Do not worry, not me pushing through pain. OK, me pushing through pain but not myself, but my bike. The bike is making all kinds of weird noises and I do not care. I wonder whether it is like body, you push but then comes a moment when it just crashes. I am just worried that the bike falls apart 30miles from home and I will have to walk back!

Wednesday = off running

After work I went for a bike ride. I do not know why but I have not been enjoying post-work rides lately. Or maybe doing 50miles after work is just not a great idea. But I did it and did not enjoy it as much as I used to. I was just too tired and slow. But now I am glad I did it.

My dad sent me today few photos from a small town where my grandparents live. They had a hail storm on Sunday and flooding and then another flooding on Monday. Hails were like tennis ball. My grandparents greenhouse got broken and there is a hole in a roof. My gradmom is storing one hail in a freezer...Wonder whether it is the one that landed in their living room:) (I know, not funny. But no worries, it did not land in their living room))
There are two brooks at each side of the town and this was the first time the flood was this bad.

You see that yellow house on the right. It's right by the brook. That's the house where my father's parents used to live. It is empty now, but I lived there past summer and summer before when I was in Slovakia doing internship (oh, it was scary alone in a huge house). Apparently there was water everywhere and someone opened the gate because otherwise it would have gotten taken by water.

If I was there this summer and saw this water coming I do not know what I would have done. I would have probably freaked out and ran to my grandparents house. Ops wait, I would not be able to get there.

This is a bridge I use to get from my house. I guess I will not be using it anymore.

I could also used this one. Hm...

And then this one to get to my grandparents:

Or this one:

Hm, I guess I would have just climbed to the roof. I am glad I am here not there.
But I am going to be honest, I would love to see all that.


  1. it's scary stuff, every year around this time it seems like large parts of earth's land mass are either suffering from severe flooding or severe drought and it seems to get worse every year. scary times.

  2. Yeah, there is a lot of weird stuff going on on our poor Earth.