Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Biker's guilt and students on bikes

You know how I was supposed to do 50miles on bike today. Well, I did not. I just needed a break from that machine because, com'n I did 665 miles since August 1 (that day I bought the bike computer). It is over 26 miles per day on average. And since the bike is not one of a superior quality, I need to be careful so it does not break down yet because I need it to get to classes in LA.
I know that a lot of students use bikes to get to school at UCLA, but I am sure I will be the only MBA students riding a bike. I do not expect students that have 60k to spend on school to ride bikes to I will be the only weirdo (again, nothing new). Of course, not that I am complaining that I do not have to pay 60k:)

I felt really bad about not doing my bike ride so I decided to do an hour on an elliptical. Well, that did not happen neither because I had started watching Back to the future III and Remember the Titans (I love both and keep changing channels during commercials and parts I know by heart). And I still feel really really guilty. It is 9:30pm and I am considering doing at least 30min. I do not know what to do!!!!!

Just enjoy movies and feel bad about it, or go do the elliptical and do not enjoy it.

I think I will just stay watching the movies...

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