Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bike, milk and grapes

I wanted to go to the lake after work but when I was leaving work I realized that I forgot the map to get there. So maybe next time.
I went home, ate steamable veggies with cheese and cereals and headed out for different route.
I bought a bike computer so now I know how far I am going (although I am not sure about the accuracy of that thing).
It seems that the shortest way to my work is 5.45 miles.
So today I did 11 miles to/back from work and then around 25 more miles in the afternoon, for 36 miles total. Not bad. is interesting, I still consider a bike more a mean of transportation than a workout mean.

Anyway, I did my 25 miles and then drank 1 liter of milk shake: I mixed milk, 1 banana and chocolate protein powder. It was so yummy. Banana and chocolate together are always yummy. Next time I will try to put peanut butter as well. Or grapes. I do not have any other fruits now so have to work with what I have.

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