Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A bit of spice and music

Since my runs and biked rides have gone really well (by that I mean no itches, pains anything in ITB)past week I decided it is time to spice up my training- maybe increase a mileage a little bit and add some faster stuff. So my coach (I love saying that) spiced up my training plan today (and what made me laughed is that it was actually called "Monika Training plan blahblah spiced up").
So today, 20min w/up, followed by 8 laps on track doing stride the straight, jog the curve, and 10min c/d. That was like 16 100m strides, which is a lot! It was little strange for first few because I have not run fast(er) for more than 1 month so changing speed was little bit "unusual". I actually might be sore tomorrow.
Plus I did weights afterwards.

So that was "spice". And music? High school marching band had a rehearsal on the track, which was kinda nice. They did not play that much (which I appreciated:)) but they rehearsed the steps to different songs. So it was fun practice.


  1. Cool! A coach! Who's your coach? Sounds like fun. And I'm really happy to hear about your ITB.

  2. I have that a new coach since mid-May! It is one very fast lady who does it in her spare time when she does not talk about babies, cultural differences and oil peak:)