Thursday, August 26, 2010

Time interval workout

20 minute warm-up. 6 X 2 minute fast (@ 5 km pace) with 1 minute jog between. 15 minute cool-down.

At trail, not on track:(

I think that a day off (yesterday) did me well, because legs felt fresh! But I was definitely breaking some sweat and breathing harder on the last two ones.
I do not know whether I did it right because I have no idea what pace I was going so I just tried to keep a good effort.

I do not want to go running on a trail right after work because it is around 10miles form work to trail and if I went running straight from work it would be like triathlon bricks. And I think that it might hurt my workout, right? So I rested for an hour before heading out. This way I do only 4.6miles before a workout.
But that meant that by the time I was done with the workout it was dark out and I since I do not have light on a bike I could not see anything. Especially when a car was coming towards me because lights blinded be completely. Thankfully nobody was walking on a sidewalk so I did not run anyone over:)

I am hungry! Should I ate? It is late. Hm, maybe one small tuna sandwich...

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  1. Great job on the workout. And, nothing wrong with a tuna sandwhich at any time:)