Sunday, August 22, 2010

Furthest I have ever ridden

70.77 miles. This is really the furthest I have ever gone on bike. So far my max was around 66 miles I did 2 weeks ago.

It took me around 4 hours and couple minutes but I was not as tired as after/during 66 miles. Probably because today I rode on a road and only around 10 miles were on gravel road, so I did not have to "work" that hard. Those gravel roads are horrible but it is a good workout I suppose. Of course I had not prepared for the ride (that's nothing new with me) so I started to be hungry at around 45 miles. This time I did not even have a banana. Then I kind of forget about it but it started again at mile 56. But I did not have to think of tuna sandwiched and nectarines with peanut butter to get me through the ride.

I was thinking about trying to run a mile or two afterwards but I decided not to. I do not want to mess up ITB by doing too much plus I am not training for a triathlon or anything similar (but I would LOVE to)so there is really no need.
But I went to the pool to loosen up and it was a real ice bath. It has been kinda chilly the whole week and it rained yesterday so it was cold. But that's what I needed.

Plus I saw a pretty huge turtle. It was just sitting there on a side of a road and people were stopping to look at it. It (or parts of it) was not there on my way back so nobody ran over it, which is good.

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