Saturday, August 7, 2010

52 miles and both me and bike alive

Weekend is here and once again I wanted to go to one of the lakes and swim. I have been planning this since I came here in June and the closest I got to that was last week when I went to a lake and got soaked because it started raining on my way back.

And once again it did not happen today. Maybe tomorrow. But I am just a lazy ass, so maybe not.

So today instead I went exploring Michigan river trails. I did around 52 miles (and bike has not fallen apart, surprise!!!). I felt pretty good, I was not hungry at all (which is surprising since I am alway hungry) but I was thirsty. I had water with me but drank it too early.
This trail starts little over 4 miles form my place and go for about 18 miles east. It is not continuous however, I had to ride on streets a bit but there were not many cars.

This is what I did (approximately) and I also rode around lakes a bit:

I also brought my camera with me. There were nice spots for pictures, lakes, houses but I just do not like stopping to take pictures. I do not like taking pictures and to stop the bike, take out camera, take a picture, put the camera many things to do. I took a few however, when I stopped to drink or to find out where I was. Now just to download them to the computer... Maybe next time. But since I am such a lazy ass.....

I went to the pool when I got home. But swam for maybe 50m. It was just to loosen up.

There is one more trail that I have not explored and that goes towards west. So now I have only that one left and I will e done with all trails nearby. I would love to explore the other trails in Michigan but they do not connect to "my" trails and I would have to ride too much on roads and I am not sure whether it would be safe.

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