Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Road racing and another run

50 awesome pain-less sweet sweaty minutes. Wow!
I have read that running on uneven surfaces is not that great for ITB and I love track so I did part on track and part on grass along the track changing directions so I do not make always same turns. As I am writing this I realized, why did not I go to the trail? Oh well, whatever. I love track. Love.

I do not understand why I want to run road races. Truth is I do not want to do road races, but there are no other options for "older", non-elite runners, are there? I have run only few road races in my life (one in the US in June, marathon in Nice last fall and couple races when I was a kid). I do not like running on roads but part of it might be that I have run for many many years on track and started running on roads "only" 5 years ago when I first came to the US. I do not know how to run on roads- I suck at pacing myself and I do not know how far I have run and how far I still have to go. It is just so different from track. But I am sure I can get used to it with practice. We shall see in the future.

I should have a new training plan for 5k next week, which is exciting!!!

Day off tomorrow and then maybe another 50min run on Friday. Or maybe less. Will see how I feel.

Apparently I am famous in my company. I received a phone call today. A couple just moved here from Germany to do an internship and they live in the apartment in the same apartment complex as I do. And the girl called me because she has heard from people that there is a girl who (must) bike(s) to work everyday because she does not have a car and the girl offered me to drive with them to work in mornings. People do not realize that I ENJOY biking to work. They think that I do it because I do not have a car (it is only part of a reason). I do it because I like it.
By the way, I was thinking yesterday evening that I do not remember hearing popping noises coming from the bike when I rode it the day before. And yeah, it stopped. I did not hear anything today. When how why? Interesting. Of course there are other noises but I pretend I do not hear anything.

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