Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I am such a lazy butt

I planned on going to swim or at least to the gym and did not do any of those.

I preferred staying on a coach, watching coach Carter movie and eating honey melon.
But I did few push ups and abs to shut down my conscience. It kinda helped.

The ITB was little itchy today evening. Hm, I wonder why. It is probably because of a weird position on a coach that strained the knee. I should be more careful next time.

Since I am little bored and had nothing to do I decided to share some of my Canadian experiences.
They use word "washroom" for restroom. It is so cool. It sounds so "lady-like" and delicate. Like expression "freshen up", that one is also cool. Washroom. Such a nice word. I wonder whether also native English speakers feels the same.

Also Canadians don't not cross road on red. In the US people do that sometimes but in Paris...OMG. Red light, a car approaching, but it does not matter, there is always an idiot or two who decide to cross the street anyway. They do not care that they put themselves and also other people into danger by doing that. It makes me so mad. I believe that rules are made for obeying them, not for breaking them!

Ok, off to bed.

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