Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Little" workout

Today: 45 minutes with the following within: 30 s (30 s), 60 seconds (30 s), 2 minutes (60 s), 3 minutes ( 1.5 minutes), 3 minutes (1.5 minutes), 2 minutes (60 s), 60 seconds (30 s), 30 seconds.
It was supposed to be at 10k pace but I had 2 problems with that:
1, what is my 10k pace? Should I just jog the whole 45min, 'cos that's probably close to my 10k pace:)
2, how do I measure my pace when there are no distance markers?
I hate doing "time intervals" because I do not have "pace control" and I do not understand how people can do time intervals? How do they know how fast they are running? Plus there is a psychological issue. If I run I need to see the end! When I run by time, there is no fixed point I can run to, there is just time and you never know when the end comes.

So what I did was that I found a point in front of me and then run to that point, then checked the time and then I chose another point to run to and so on. Plus I think that this way I can run faster, because I want to get to the end as fast as I can (ok, at prescribed pace). But when I run by time, no matter how fast I run I still have to run for a specified time.

But it felt good, no pain and maybe in few days faster running will not be such a shock to my legs.

Weights and stretching afterwards.


  1. i dislike time intervals also, okay maybe that makes me somewhat of a hypocrite, however in this case i thought they were important to do to relieve some of the psychological pressure of hitting exact times during your first post-injury work-out. by 10 km pace i meant whatever you perceived 10 km pace to be at that moment in time without really quantifying it. anyway there won't be too many more time interval work-outs in your future after this initial transition and it sounds like you developed a great strategy to get through the work-out.

  2. It was not that bad, just worse than the intervals I am used to doing. You are way too nice to me. I would have never though of relieving psychological pressure or something similar. I think that thinking like that makes you much better coach than my last one.