Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another workout

I was supposed to do 20min w/up, 10 laps on track doing stride the straight away, jog the curves, 10 minute c/d.
Those were my intentions. But then I was invited to dinner and since I do not have any friends (and life in general...) I figure I will go. Everything was perfectly planned. Get out of work, run, dinner.
But I had to stay longer at work and I was running 15min behind my schedule.

So I did not do 20min w/up, I did 5min. But 8 miles on bike from work to track should be like a warm-up, right?

Strides and c/d went according to the plan.

And dinner was nice, I am stuffed.

Bike ride after work tomorrow. I hope it will be better that past 2 weeks.

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