Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bike and run

Yesterday was my day off and I am pretending that I do not have a bad conscious about it. I also ate cheesecake worth a daily caloric need and I do not have bad conscious about that neither.

But today was pretty packed.
In the morning (by morning I mean 11am) I did 44miles on bike. I had a banana with me and it was awesome. I took the same trail as last Sunday but I turned back when paved part ended. I did not want to go further since I had 45 min run planned for today.

When I got home, I ate and watch a movie and then biked to the track and did my 5,5miles run there. I forgot my watch but it was probably a good thing because if I had seen my pace I would have probably freaked out. No pain at all. Not in my left ITB, not in the right ITB. Just perfect. This was probably the first run I completely forgot about ITB issues and did not try to run "carefully".

Then I watched Rambo, first movie. I LOVE Rambo movies. I can watch them over and over. I cannot decide which one is my favorite one. The same for Back to the future movies. I can watch those movies over and over and they never get boring for me.

Weather was not very nice today so I did not go to the pool and I am starting to feel soreness. Oh well, I hope it will be better tomorrow so I can enjoy another bike ride.


  1. back to the future part II - i love the scenes that overlap with the footage from part I. very cool!

    so, so glad to hear you are running so pain free that you are not even thinking about it.

    time to spice things up? hmmm let's wait a bit longer.

  2. i lovvvvve back to the future