Sunday, August 29, 2010

I need to devise a plan

42 miles on a bike.
It was sooo hot today. Hot but I liked it. I wanted to do little bit more but the bike was little upset today and was making all kinds of annoying noises (and I was getting, well, annoyed) so I called it quits after 42 miles.

Therefore I have decided to call this week my low bike mileage week. It was not planned, it was just that I did not feel like biking on Wednesday and it did not worked out today neither, so down week it is.

I need to plan this running and biking thing somehow. I have a running plan (or I should receive it in coming days at least). Now I need to incorporate biking into it. Don't get me wrong, running is still NUMBER 1 and biking is more like getting more mileage since it seems that ITB does not allow me to run high mileage so biking is a good way to kinda get miles in.

However, I have no idea how to combine them. I was not running that much these past weeks so what I did was this and I did not have to be worried that biking might effect my running.
Mon easy run 5-6miles
Tue workout (ok, they were not real workouts but still)
Wed bike (whatever I felt like, ranging from 23-50miles)
Th workout
Fr elliptical
Sat bike 40-50miles + run 5-6 miles
Sun long bike ride 60-70 miles
Now I am going to start having real workouts so I need to plan this because I am not sure whether 50miles on an easy day between workouts is a good idea. Maybe it is, I just do not know.
And how long should my rides be? What is a flat route bike equivalent to let's say 8 easy miles? No idea.

I need to do some research but I am just too lazy and so not into it. It is still my school break (although I am spending it working 8+ hours a day) and I do not want to think and use my brain (although I spend 8+ hours using in at work. Ok, I use it also in my free time but still). Could someone just do it for me?

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