Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend recap - two extremes

I almost killed myself on Saturday whereas today I did nothing.
But my lame excuse is that I was babysitting friend's 5 and 9-year old girls the whole day today and I knew I would not be able to get anything in. By the way, playing with Barbies, playing on swings and slides, playing tea party and preapring PBJ sandwiches is a hard work!

4h were on plan. I somehow ended up doing 6h15min for around 105miles. Ops. I just love biking with people and since people I went with went for 4-5 hours I went with them. The only problem is that I biked 1h to get to hour meeting point and then almost 1 hour back. But I loved every minute of it. It was at a good pace from mile 14-50ish, then it was mostly easy riding, and then at mile 86 I decided to see what I have left and hammered 3 miles at 22+ average. It hurt. Then I cooled down 13 miles home. Sure I was not really prepared for that, so one guy bought me a bottle of Powerade and gave peanut butter sandwich his wife made for him:) It was the best tasting PB sandwich I have ever eaten! And I am not saying it only because it was after I did almost 90miles on 3 gels and 1.5 bottles of Powerade.
By the way, I love my new biking shoes and pedals! I think that it really makes me faster. Maybe not when riding steady, but it helps in surges and on uphills. Oh wait, that's something that triathletes should not do, so forget I have mentioned that. Plus I have not wiped out yet:)

Got home, refilled water bottles, switched shorts and shoes, took my other bike and biked to the track where I did some "divided" 300s. 800m w/up, 10x (100m fast @ 17-18s, 100 easy, 100 @ good clip) with 100m walk, 800 c/d.
Surprisingly that bike ride did not seem to take much of my legs because I did hold 17-18 for 100m, although those 100@ good clip were kind of brutal. I did not feel low on energy (yet, wait for it...) and felt good.

Then I went to the pool. Descendng 200s that I was supposed to do on Monday. Ok, I knew that it would be a very long stretch to make it and it indeed was. I was pretty much spent by that point. I am asking myself now as I am typing this, why did not I ake a gel or something with me to the track or pool? Maybe that wold have helped. Although I did not feel very low on energy (I never feel low on energy actually), it was more like my legs and arms were almost dead by that point. I descended them, but off my prescribed pace. Oh, well, I need better "training execution" skills.

I know that Saturday was not the brightest idea ever. I knew that my body could do it, no problem, it was not the brightest idea because that swim was not a quality swim. I was too tired by then. But there is no other time I could have fit it in and at least I got yards in.

Which leads to Sunday. I spent the night at friend's night because she was leaving very early in the morning. I had a good time and hopefully the kids were not too bored. I did not let them watch TV but I let them eat some popsickles and ice cream:) So it has evened out.
I was supposed to do OW swim today and I really did not want to do it. I was not looking forward to it at all. I do not know why, I love those swims, but I was probably too tired. My friend got home at around 7pm and took me to the lake. I changed to the swim suit, went down to lake, saw what was going on there (the beach was crowded. We has almost 100degrees here and even at almost 8pm it was filled with people), dressed back, hoped onto my bike and biked home.
I feel little guilty about it, but I am not going to dwell on it.
This week was a bad week for swimming with 0 100% swims. So let's just put this week and today's hick-up behind me and move on!


  1. HOly sh*t. OK, I am going to KILL you if you don't start taking your training fueling into account on every long workout you do. The thing is- it's about being able to back up your training day after day after day and when you don't fuel right one day, even if you make it through that day, you won't make it through the next. Or the one after that... stay on top of it, stay ahead of it, and you will have no limits. Seriously- You have SO MUCH TALENT I am just NOT going to let you screw this up because you forgot to eat. GOT IT?? CAN YOU HEAR ME? I'M GOING TO COME STRANGLE YOU IF YOU DO THAT AGAIN. ;) Love you. xoxo

  2. I promise, from now on Im bringing back-up gels/bananas/whatever with me. I had enough for my planned 4h ride though. But gels are so expensive:( I have chosen a wrong sport...
    It just never occured to me that I should eat something before run and swim. But Im doing much better than I used to. I'm just not quite there yet. Yeah, I know that I can do better. This is not just easy-peasy 1x a day running on a track. I need to get that into my little runner's brain.

  3. oh my gosh, be careful! What doesn't kill you makes you strong, right?