Friday, July 1, 2011

Swimming business and tire sponsorship!!!

Hm, this week is a disaster for my swimming.
Monday- too many people so I decided to move it to the weekend.
Wednesday- prefer to forget about it
Frida- pool was CLOSED when I got there!
Hm, seems that I will have to do my 3 swims for a week in next two-three days. That should be interesting.

ITB is great.

I got a small sponsorship from Continental Tire so that's exciting. They are sending me bunch of racing and training tires, tubes and some other small stuff. I wanted some biking clothing as well but unfortunatelly they do not have clothing line for the North America this year, only in Europe.
Now I need to buy a real tri bike! Next year, after I know which country I will be living in and after I save enough money.

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  1. So happy your ITB is feeling good and congrats on the sponsorship!