Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I am not making this up

I went to pool and was little over half-way through when the lifeguard told me I had 5 minutes. What?!? 5 minutes? You are supposed to close at 9pm and not 8:30pm!
He said he was sorry and he really looked sorry and explained to me that the other lifeguard was 15 and 15-year old lifeguards cannot stay past 8:30pm and there must be 2 people to close the pool and thus they must close now.

Ok, I know that my attitute towards pool intervals is not the best attitute ever but that really was not a lame attemp to cut the workout short on my side. Even with a lousy attitute, I am dedicated enough to suck it up and do it.
So, how am I going to become a decent swimmer if there is always something going on with the pool? (Ok, I am exagerating a bit because it is not that bad overall, just some weeks are disasters)

Drives me nuts. I wish there were a lake closer to my place and I could go there more often. There are lakes close but they are private lakes:(
Ok, ok, it is not the end of the world. Chill out.

Another "awesome" thing that happened today is that the rear shifting string on my commuter bike tore and now I cannot shift, and it is always in high gear. I shifted the front to low gear and am going to ride it like that. So basically my commuter bike became a fixed-speed bike. I am not going to have it fixed because it is not worth it. It is not my bike so I should take care of it but it's one of those $50 mountain bikes from Walmart + it is all rusted and old. So not worth it. I am going to die riding that thing like that for next 6 months. Or it is going to make me really strong. We shall see.

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