Thursday, July 28, 2011

Run and bike

I got home only recently, it is past 10pm and I am supposed to leave early morning tomorrow and still have not packed (or showered).

Did a run, that I messed up a bit. I was supposed to do 2k w/up, and 10x200 at 40-42 to keep it highly aerobic but I thought it was 38-40, so I did then little bit faster. But it was still aerobic.
And my c/d was supposed to be 2k (to increase my mileage a bit) but I did only 1k.
No biggie, I will do 1k run tomorrow:)

Then I went biking, which was a small disaster. 90min ride and I was supposed to keep my HR above 140 but I could not. My average end up being 132. I need to find a better road to do mid-week rides. But it is hard here. There are cars everywhere, no shoulders, lot of potholes. And I think that I am faster at 140 than I was before so roads I used to use are not suitable any more. Although I am not 100% sure whether I am indeed faster because I started to pay high attention to my HR only recently.
It was getting late and dark and I kind of got lost in one subdivision and thus had to use sidewalk for last 10min because it was dark and I did not want to get killed. So not the best executed bike ride.

I am off to Torch Lake with some tri people for the weekend. They are doing Ironman Louisville at the end of August and this is their training camp. I am looking forward to it a lot. I am sure that it will be a lot of fun to do a lot of biking and swimming. Unfortunatelly I will not be joining them for running. Will do extra biking and swimming instead:)

So see ya on Sunday.

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