Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday randomness

I have cca 1hour before going to swim and have nothing to do and I have noone to talk to so I figured I will share with the whole world:)
Maybe I should take a nap instead but it will be hard to wake up and go swimming afterwards.

Did ~3h bike ride, which was little strange. Not very well executed. I did last 2 hours with some friends and since my bike computer does not work and I wanted to get some data I stayed with them although they went slower than I would have liked.
1h58in, 33.6miles, speed 17.1mph, HR 135. Pretty pathetic, isn't it? Oh well, it was just to get T.I.T.S. up.

Then I went running. 15minutes!!! Longest I have run since...well, the tri I did at the end of May. But longest training run since sometime in April.
I decided to cap my HR at 160. Thus it was more like a shuffle not a real run. I am so not long-distance fit. I can get my HR to high 180 very easily and hold it there.
But I wonder isn't that good? Isn't that what athletes want? Be able to run at high speeds that are like 90% of their max HR for the longest time possible. At least marathoners do that, don't they? But sure, running a <3h marathon is a whole different story than doing a 11h long Ironman. So I am going to get a IM distance fit.

My calves are killing me. Seriously. They are really sore today. I have been wearing compression socks for a run and am wearing them now. Maybe that will help.

When I was running 400s on Thursday and I had this small panic attack for a second. I was hurting a little on one of the 400s and then suddenly I realized that IM is going to hurt. The marathon I did in 2009 was very easy. It never hurt. It was like a long slow easy run. I was sore like hell afterwards but that was because of the distance not because of hard work. Running a 3:30marathon was a piece of cake, it is way easier than running a 19min 5k. But running a marathon after swimming for 2.4miles and biking for 112miles? It probably won't be that easy, will it? I am sure that it will not be the same pain as running a fast 5k but it will be pain. And for that split second on my 400 I was like, I do not want to hurt for 3+ hours. That IM marathon after bike is going to hurt. Sure I kind of think that running a 5h IM marathon would not hurt, it would be just long. But I do not want to run a 5h IM marathon. I want to run 3:35 IM marathon. And I am sure that it will hurt. Lot of work to do, lot of work to do.

I have Oly tri in 4 weeks. And call me crazy but I am not thinking about the race strategy etc, I am thinking about what to wear! My sister would be proud of me, haha. At first I thought that one piece or two piece swimsuit will be ok. Because I am not going to wear tri suit. Too much drag in water. And Michelle agrees with one-piece swim suit. But this is not Hawaii, this is Michigan! And running in swimsuit? Hm. I have a feeling that I will be the only one. And surely the only one from our club. Maybe I will be surprised and there will be others, I have no idea. Well, I am going to do it of course but people are going to think that I am crazy. And I am not sure I like to "be different" when it comes to running around half naked. But what else can I do?!?


  1. I love reading your thoughts on IM. Yes. The marathon will hurt. But it's more along the lines of feeling like "The human body was not meant to do this..." ;) But don't worry- you'll get your aerobic fitness back. That is absolutely the #1 priority going into Ironman. In ironman, it matters not how fast you can run a 400.

    And for your race next month- the choices (for everyone) are:
    1. Wear a tri suit with a speedsuit on top of it for the swim. Speedsuits are like $250 but some triathletes have them and wear then for non-wetsuit swims. They're easy to get off so T1 is not an issue.
    2. Wear a tri suit without a speedsuit in the swim and just sacrifice like a minute or so from the drag of the tri suit.
    3. Wear a one piece swim suit. As long as it's rather tight, you won't lose much (if anything) in the swim, and T1 is faster. The only negative there is running in it might be uncomfortable for those with a modesty issue.

  2. Well, I cannot even afford paying attention right now so buying a speedsuit is out of question:) I better start mentally preparing myself for running in a swim suit, haha.