Thursday, July 14, 2011


I feel very non-creative today, if that's even possible. So this is going to be boring.

Bike ride - hill repeats. I was supposed to do 4-5min hill repeats but since this is Midwest, they do not have hills that take 4min to climb. The longest I found takes me 2min45sec to climb so I just did few extra repeats. Oh well...

Then went to the track. 3x6x200m at 40sec. It felt pretty good, easy but I was definitelly feeling some "fatique" in the legs by the end. Those hill repeats probably started to catch up:)
ITB feels great. No problemo!
I think that PPC is trying to kill me. I asked her about that yesterday and she did not say no. Hm. That probably means that yes, she is trying to kill me.
But it is hard to create a plan for me right now since I can do track intervals but probably cannot do slow longish runs. So basically all my mileage comes from intervals, which leads to 3 track workouts/week and I am telling you, next week will be brutal because all 3 sound very hard. My mileage is still very low, around 11 miles this week and 13 next. Then hopefully, I can start adding some easy runs to rump up the mileage.

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