Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I was supposed to swim today. But it was raining and they were saying that a storm was coming. And my experience is that pool would close. So I did not go. But storm never came. And it stopped raining. I still could have done ~30min of swimming. But I did not go.

And I feel very very bad about it. But I am trying to persuade myself that I will make up for it on weekend, as I usually do.

Not having a car sucks. I was going to buy a new bike. It was supposed to be shipped from Ohio. But then was told they do not have my size anymore. So I chose a different bike. But then a friend told me that I can get that bike for only $100 more from a local store. But I do not have a car to get there:( I need to figure this out.
Maybe I should not but a bike yet, maybe I should wait till I find a real job and start earning real money. But I am thinking that I want to buy bike here even if I have to go back to Europe next year because it is cheaper here. I do not know. Decisions. Decisions.

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