Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bike and swim

Bike was brutal. I wanted to go with a fast group of people but I did not find any fast people. But I managed to recruit one guy from the club to do somehow hard ride with me.

I warmed up for 13miles and then we did fast 2hours sharing pulling/drafting ~2miles. 43 fast miles. Actually last 8 miles were me pulling for 2 miles and then 6 miles alone because the guy could not keep up anymore:) Average 21.56mph (with guy average was 21.8mph for 36.7miles. The last 6miles I was totally alone and tired so I went slower but still decent clip. Last 10min were brutal though).
Then 13miles home and it usually takes me around 50min but it tool me like 70min. I was done! 4h10min total.
I was so glad to be home and sit and do nothing for 3 hours.

Then I went to pool.
It was finally open and I had a pretty good swim, so I am happy about it. I still did not hit my fastest intervals perfectly but I worked hard and my arms and legs hurt like hell. So good effort.

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