Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Today was a chill day.
I had an optional 1h bike ride and although it is really not like me I decided to pass. I have decided to treat my bike commute to work, back home, to the library and back home as a bike ride.

Then I wanted to go to one meeting in the evening because I wanted to try out a tri bike I am considering buying so I again did not swim today and need to move the swim to Saturday. It is Felt B16 and although I liked the bike it felt little "high" and I did not feel like I was aerodynamic enough. I am sure that part of it is the fitting but I was told by a few people that Felts are usually little "higher".
And I met the hockey guy with his girlfriend and daughter. Lovely. I have not seen him since our bedroom accident thus in over 2 months but it still got my HR up seeing him.

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  1. What size was that bike? Was it too big? Definitely err on the small side when it comes to TT bikes. Usually you can lower the front end by removing any spacers in the stem... sometimes they add spacers to get the bars higher b/c it is more comfortable but you're definitely sacrificing aero for comfort in that situation. And we all know you're super bad ass so no need for you to make that compromise. :)