Sunday, July 24, 2011

Getting sick

Not really sick. But I might be getting sick of bike. I am on one of those torture machines every freaking day!!! (I have my commuter mountain bike and a road bike. I am hoping for an addition in next few weeks. Stay tuned.)
Ok, I am not really getting sick of the bike. I love bike. I am getting sick of the roads and having to deal with traffic.

I was supposed to do open water swim today. But it takes me an hour to get there. And road I have to take is really bad. Really bad. I need to stay in the middle of the road because there are potholes everywhere. And traffic on that road is pretty big except for early mornings. So I usully have to use sidewalk for a huge portion of it. And sidewalk is just horrible. Because I need to go slow and there are as many potholes as on a road. And then there is portion where there is no sidewalk and road is very narrow with potholes and traffic and I get a lot of honking there and I am always amazed that I ma still alive when that is over. It is a nightmare.

So I was in no mood to go there this morning and deal with that road. If I could just ride on a nice smooth broad road or even better jump into car and drive there, it would be like a dream. But well, I cannot do that.

So I just need to suck it up. So 1 hour to get there.
Did a ~50-60swim, with some hard 5min intervals. I think that these open water swims are adding a lot to my swimming endurance. I need to remember that next time I am not in a mood for OW swim mayhem.
Then rode back. It actually was not that bad afterall although I would still prefer nice smooth broad road.

Then cooked lunch. I do not remember last time I cooked. I eat steamed veggies with fish and sometimes pasta but I do not cook much. I have no time and when I cook I always stuff my face because I have no self-control so I have to eat everything I prepare:)

Then a friend took my to Costco and Sam's club to stock on food. I think that I have enough frozen veggied and fruits to last me for a month or two.
I wanted to get fresh fruits as well but they are so expensive:( It is interesting that frozen were cheaper. I miss living in Paris and Barbès Rochechouart food market on Wed and Sat. It is the scatchiest place ever since it is in Arabic quartier and chances of getting mugged are high but they had awesome food and prices. I usually got like 3kg of apples for 1.50Eur, or 3kg of carrots for 1Eur, or grapes. Yeah, graaaapes. Or mandarins. Oh, I loved it. Those were times I used to live on fruits and veggies. Here fruits and veggies are so expensive!!! I hate it here.

I had very very hard time to not buy large pack of M&Ms or other crap. But I decided to become laser-like focused for next 13months so will cut on candy. I wonder for how long my determinantion will last. But I got trail mix, so my determinantion is already weakening.

I got also 24 bottles of gatorade (part of my resolution to become a better athlete) and protein powder. I wanted also V8 because it has high content of sodium, which I think I am in need for but they had only small cans and I just could not make myself to buy it. Bottles/cans are such a waste. Already those 24 bottles of G is way too much waste in my opinion so I will need to go somewhere else to get V8. Why don't they sell stuff in huge packages so we can stop producing that much waste!!! Wake up people! Stop buying bottled water (or any drinks). It is water and you live in the US, you can drink it from your kitchen tap and you won't die!

My calves are still killing me. So sore form those cramps on Friday. Every step feels like the calf muscles are going to get ripped of the ligaments that connects them to my knees. Horrible, just horible.

I am tired. I might watch the movie and fall asleep on the floor again.

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  1. Uh oh. You sound tired. Grumpy. Recovery week is in order after your big weekend coming up!