Sunday, July 10, 2011

And it all seemed to be getting better

I woke up in the middle of the night with that same ITB pain when I pressed on it. But this time it is not the same "outside of knee" spot, it is little above but I am sure it is still that stupid ITB. Like it was inflammated or something. It is weird. And I have not even done anything yesterday to irritate it.
So this week my mileage is around 6.7miles or so.

It does not bother me when I walk, and it feels great after I ice it. it is definitelly inflammated. We will see how this continue.

Anyway, I went (actually a friend drove me) to a bike store today and I got new pedals. Nothing fancy, just something to use the shoes with. I do not need high performance carbon whatever pedals.
I installed them and went to try them. You should have seen me installing them. First I could not unscrew my current pedals so I put the bike on a trainer and was basically jumping up and down on a wrench to loosen them. It worked although I almost killed myself. And then I realized that I do not have a screw driver! I must have thrown it out when moving from LA. Well, so I used a knife and a penny to fasten the screws on cleats. Not very efficient.
I was also trying to figure out how that clipping in system works and clipped in the cleat while it was not on a shoes yet and then was too weak to unclipp it from a pedal. So I had to take the pedal apart to get it out.
And my wrench it too "thick" to fasten the pedals properly.

So now, the cleats are on shoes but not fastened enough (I need to find someone with a screw driver. Maybe this is a right time to get to know my neighbors) and pedals are on but those are not fastened enough either.
I went for a ride anyway and believe it or not, I am still alive and no road rash. But my shoes can move in different directions because of those loose screws.

But it was interesting. I think that I might like it and I need to work on pulling my legs up, not just pushing.

I also cleaned the bike. That machine was nasty. It is not perfect but at least you can see that a chain is somehow not black. I need to do that more offen because I almost used the whole can of decreaser! Yes, that bike was nasty.

I also bought 2 cases of gels, 1 case of some other gel-ly stuff and 1 electrolytes drink powder. (They have a huge sale in that bike store.) Michelle can be proud of me:) I am starting to take this seriously, at least until I run out of those gels. Then I will look more into making my own with honey or something.

Then I went grocery shopping and stocked up for next month or so. So I will not starve to death anytime soon.

And then went swimming. I liked it. Around 50min (2100-2200yards) with two 10minish faster intervals mixed in. It was good, I am definitelly getting better at sighing and swimming in a straight line!


  1. I am proud! gels!?! Wow. Huge strides forward for you. do believe that if you google energy gels (or something like that) you'll find all sorts of recipes on how people make their own.

    Be careful with cleat placement on your shoes too- if your foot is too constricted (meaning shoe is locked in the wrong place and can't float enough) you could end up with other knee/hip problems. So just watch for that is all. I'm not an expert in bike fit but might be worthwhile to find someone who is and have him/her look at your set up. You'll be spending LOTS of time on that bike going forward... ;)

  2. I knew you would like me buying those gels :)

    I know that cleat placement is important. Thus I got cleats that allow for 9degrees freedom so I won't be completelly locked in.
    I am looking into buying a tri bike (the bike I have might not survive IM training. Plus if I want to be somehow competitive a $600 bike won't work) and then I might get fitted for it. For now, even getting the cleats fitten is not financially justifiable.