Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I do not know what to do

Pool is driving me craaaaaaazy!
It was supposed to be open for laps 8-9pm but only 2 lanes were open and there was some kind of dancing class going on in other 3.
But surprisingly 1 lane was open when I came. So I was doing my workout and half way through my main set suddenly "bang", I headcrashed to some punk who decided to get into my lane without letting me know. And he stayed there doing breaststroke with fins! Who does that? So I continue swimming and "bang" another punk who I have no idea what he was doing but thankfully he left when I crashed into him.
And the fin guy would not stay on his side, so I had to keep lifting my head to see where he was so I do not crash into him again or get killed with fins although once I kind of swam over him. So there went my fast 100s....Still managed 1:32s which is good considering what I had to deal with.
And then I was supposed to do paddle work and then suddenly there was one more person in my lane, old guy breaststroking. No way I could do pull with paddles and bands with 2 other people doing breaststroke in my lane. So i left. I want to cry!

I do not know what to do. There is nothing I can do. But I need to get my swims in!!!
One and a half month and then pool goes back to normal hours, hopefully then it would be better. But I might go nuts by then.
I am trying to not stress myself out over missed swim workouts because I know getting stressed doesn’t do any good, but still I can’t help it!

At least my track workout went well. I thought it would be hard and my legs would be dead since I did track yesterday but it was kind of easy.
1k w/up, 1200, 1000, 800 @ 5k pace, 600, 400, 200 @ 3k pace w/2min rest, 600m c/d = 3miles total.
I was joined again by the guy from work. He knows now that he needs to take it easy at the beginning otherwise he would die by the end. And also one other guy from the club came. We shall see whether he comes again, because it seems that people join me once and then they do not show up again. I wonder why:)
1200: 4:29
1000: 3:42 Little too fast.
800: 2:54 Again too fast, but it was easy.
600: 2:06
400: 1:22
200: 37 Sure I can not hold this for 3000m but it is 200, so it is ok that it was too fast.

ITB is great!!!! You cannot imagine how happy I am! Now I need to make sure it stayes that way so I can rock some tris and 5ks in fall. Another track on Thursday and then 1st attempt for an easy slow run on Saturday.

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  1. Great work. I understand the pool situation so well. I had the same happen to me a few times at the outdoor pool.
    This may sound mean, but in situations like this I get really mad and make sure the person who jumps in understands that they have to stay on one side, etc, etc. Then, if they don't I kick really hard when I am close to them and splash them. This way, they eventually get the message.