Monday, July 25, 2011

Either ..or...

I had a very ambitious training plan for today. Hilly bike ride followed by 1k repeats. I thought that repeats would be super hard after the bike. But....

I was supposed to do 1h45min of hilly ride. But this is metro Detroit area and where am I going to find a safe hilly at 5pm aka "traffic peak hour"? Right. Nowhere. So I biked to my usual hill and did up and down, up and down for 1h15ish min, plus warm up and cool down. I was supposed to do it in a pretty hard gear and I tried but big gear started to irritate my ITB after around 30min so I put it into easier gear and after another 30min into one more easier. I am not pushing my luck.
I tried to motorpace on downhill but that road is so bumpy that I almost killed myself so I just cruised back down. And I lost my bike computer on one of the bumps:( I have not found it. I might go back tomorrow with my glasses on and maybe I will find it if I will be able to see something. It was just a crappy one for few bucks from Walmart but still, it worked just fine (most of the time).
I drank one whole bottle of Gatorade/Powerbar energy drink powder/protein powder and water mix. It was yummy because protein was chocolate and rest was lime/orange and it is an excelent flavous combination. I checked now and it seem that it was around 400cal. That's what I should always do!

I had one more bottle ready to drink during/after for track repeats.
I also ate one gel right before starting running because I wanted to know how my stomach deals with that. Very well, no problem.

I started running and I felt very fresh and full of energy. As if I had not just done over an hour of bike hill repeats. Which can mean 3 things:
1, either I am super-duper fit and hill repeats do nothing to me and my running legs
2, or I went very easy on those hill repeats (maybe if I stayed in big big gear the whole time it would be a different story but I could not)
3, or all those calories I drank/ate gave me so much energy that I could have bounced of the walls.

It is probably a combination of #2 ad #3 and little bit of #1.
I did 2k w/up, 5x1k at 3:50-3:55 w/90sec rest, 600c/d.
1k were: 3:51, 3:50, 3:51, 3:51, 3:50
It was soooo easy. Not completely like jogging but I had to hold myself back a lot. But that was the purpose of this workout. It was supposed to be highly aerobic effort to simulate the benefits of a long slow run, which I still cannot do.

I drank maybe 1/3 of the drink and rest after the workout.
I also did some core exercises afterwards. I need to be better about those!

So I am satisfied with the workout. I really though it will be hard.
Maybe there is indeed something to that fueling thing. I need to continue doing it:)


  1. Well look at that. You mean, you feel better when you take in carbs on hard workouts? Who wouldda guessed??? ;)