Saturday, July 23, 2011

World record

I am sure that I am a world record holder as of today.

I hope you have not had enough of my pool bitching yet because here goes.
I did 975 yards and headcrashed or was cut off 5x. I am sure that's the record.
I am not the most patient person out there and I cannot deal with people's assholeness very well so after I had to stop 2x during the warm up and then during every single of my first 3 200s (I did not finish them. First 200, then 100, then 75), I have had enough and left because it would have ended up badly for next person who would cross my path.

I still maintain that Paris has the highest assholes population in the entire world but US cities are close behind. This is what I do not like about the US. A lot of kids are not taught to care about other people. They are taught to do whatever they want without thinking about negative effects on other people and let the affected person deal with it. Many people here have mentality that they can do whatever they want, that they are always "the boss", and they just do not care about the others in general. People here are spoiled. Everything must be to their standards and if it is not they make a huge deal about it and sure enough there is always someone to fix it without complains ad the circle continues.

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