Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fartlek swim and new tires. Yay!

Oh, I am hungry! I just ate a huge bowl of steam veggies but I am still kind of hungry. Maybe I will get some cereal.

Have I mentioned how much I hate new pool hours?!? I am sure I did. The same story today. I got there and all lanes were taken with 2-3people there. So I just sit there for 20min hoping someone will get out. Eventually 1 person left and I joined one line.
Problem is that my swims take usually 60-70min and thus there are always people at the begining aalthought they eventually almost always leave with 45-50min before closing (at least on Wed and Fr, Mondays are a different story). If my swims were 45-50min then it would be great. Need to talk to Michelle about it.

But I had a decent swim, although I felt tired. Kind of treading water and powering through it but eventually I loosened up and it was better. Some paddle work and 1000 fartlek. I liked it. I felt smooth on fast sections. I was concentrating hard to keep my head down and breath without lifting my head because I tend to do that when I breath to the right side. It needs practice.

I got my new tires today! Continetal GP4000s and Ultra Gatorskins. They have also sent me some water bottles, biking socks and a lot of spare racing and training tubes. Also hometrainer tires. Although I wanted also one other different kind of tires that they did not sendit is ok. What they sent is still pretty awesome.
I have been using whatever 28s tires and now I put racing GP4000s 23s on so I should be fast(er):) I am doing bike TT tomorrow so we will see whether it makes any difference. I can definitelly see the difference. I have never realized how huge those 28s are until I compared them to 23s.
The only problem might be flats. Since I ride that bike on sidewalks and over potholes and whatever you can find in Michigan I might get a lot of flats:( Then I will switch to Gatorskins 25s. They are presumably one of the best training tires on a market and you never get flat but they are also one of the slowest. We will see how those racing ones survive my ride to the park tomorrow.

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