Sunday, July 3, 2011


a somehow decent swim.

I was pleasantly surprised that I almost managed to do 2 hard swims in a row (one more to go tomorrow, but that one is not hard, just long).

And I even hit my 1:30 and sub1:30 intervals! Finally. Maybe my swimming mojo is coming back. But I was so spent by those that last fast 2x200 was a disaster. One the first one I died after around 120yards and then on the second one I (or rather my arms) could not take it any more after around 70 yards. 3:09 and 3:14 adn I was supposed to go <3:05. Oh well, I can not have everything...

I also ran. 5x4min w/ 1min walk. That's around 8miles for this week. NICE!!!!

I will see how running next week goes, hopefully I will pass 10miles barrier.

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